women's valentine's day gifts

Women’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

The lovers’ day will be celebrated at the end of the week and at OGGI, we have combined a selection of Women’s Valentine’s Day gifts. If you are looking for a surprise for your sweetheart, we offer you some of the following pieces.

Although some people find this celebration too commercial, at OGGI, we love celebrating the love and the bonds that unite us more than anything. Many pieces that we create are thought with the “you”, the “me” and the relationship (number 3 in jewelry). Each occasion is an opportunity to show how we love.

Women’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

All our pieces are entirely worked by hand in our Parisian workshops – and even our watermarks which are all cut with a knife by hand, and not by machine. Each piece is unique and allows our craftsmen to put their art to work.

Altuglass pendant

New at OGGI, the altuglass pendant with a vermeil letter embedded inside. The 26 letters of the alphabet are available on demand.

Story of hearts

This pair of earrings forms an arabesque heart which is worked with filigree and set with rose quartz.

We have a double heart here because from a little nothing a love story can be born. This earrings with its two hearts, of different size, show the evolution of love during the story that we are writing together.

These jewels are made of bronze dipped in a gold bath.  Clip on earrings.

Available in a different size with one heart, instead of two.

Hoop flight of birds

The originality of these creoles is the watermark which is inspired by the flight of birds. These loops take you up !

These earrings are mounted as a clip or for pierced ears, as desired.

Heart pendant

To wear your heart around your neck, we invite you to discover this crystal heart mounted on silver. This heart has a magnificent light and clarity.

Amber heart

An exceptional piece, this enormous amber heart can be worn as a choker or a longer pendant. This pendant is mounted with a silver bail.

“Open my heart” necklace

This necklace has two rows : one in pearls and one in the mesh side. A heart pendant is hung on it with a delicate lock. By this creation, we wanted to symbolize the encounter with someone who will know how to open your heart.

In every story of the heart, there is a lock and a key. The art lies in finding the perfect match. Each lock has its key, unique in the world.