xxl earrings

XXL earrings : “painter’s palette” collection

XXL earrings are a jewel that gives a touch of originality and extravaganza to your outfit. We have created new models that are more extravagant than others to bring us light in the autumn and winter months.

Some will see Picasso, others Klimt or the impressionist and pointillist touch…At OGGI, the jewels take us on an unlimited ground where only our ideas and our desire to please our customers guide us. With this new line, we wanted to leave on the playful, the material and especially a subtle game of colors. So, go back to the OGGI museum, with your eyes wide open and, above all, in our home, you can touch – and not only with your eyes !

XXL earrings : the “painter’s palette” collection

Our collection “painter’s palette” is inspired by the name of colorful painter’s palettes that are taking us into parallel universes where beauty mixes with the imaginary.

In this line, we have declined our jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings, etc. For the gold collection, we are on gold plated jewelry. The pair of earrings is a large gold plated model of a triangular shape and this model is a clip earrings (but we can always personalized yours for pierced ears). On the clips, there is a turquoise cut into a square. Then, on the palette of painter, a multitude of precious half precious stones which come to recall the colors of the gouaches and other oil paintings.

Although they are quite imposing, this pair of earrings is all in delicacy and lightness because its structure is not full but detailed in the material, like a cut of lace – which allows to play with a certain transparency.

Does this model transport you ? If so, come in and discover all these new launches in our parisian boutique !